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10 Reasons to choose our services

Long-term experience

With the provision of legal services, we have long-term experience that we like to share with our clients.

Flexible communication with the client

Communication is the basic condition of successful collaboration, so we use modern methods such as mobile phones and faxes, email, our own extranet and instant messenger (Live Messenger, Skype, etc.).

Creative approach

As professional attorneys, we offer our clients a creative approach to solving their legal situation and we are not just waiting for the submission of documents and documents from the client's case.

Quality of service and informing the client

Our law firm always emphasizes the high quality of the provided services and we ensure that our client is best informed and provided with transparent legal services. Only under these conditions, a relationship based on mutual trust and professional cooperation can develop between us and the client.

Personal dealing

We deal with all our clients personally and we always try to meet their wishes when dating the time and place of personal meeting.

Professional dealing

We always deal with our customers as professionally as possible, whether it's a big case or just a little legal advice.

Quick action

Do you need a lawyer or attorney quickly? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you as soon as possible the date of the joint meeting and the provision of a lawyer service.

Strong market position

We are a law firm, which, thanks not only to the quality of its legal services and pricing policy, has succeeded in establishing itself among the leading Czech law firms.

Good price

We offer legal advice at a favourable price level not only to private persons, but also to entrepreneurs and businesses.

Guarantee for legal services

For all of our legal services, we provide our clients with a full guarantee and we are covered by insurance for damages in connection with the provision of all legal assistance.