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10 Reasons to choose us

Long-term experience

Our expertise and experience developed over the years enables us to provide highly personalized service, oriented at creating valuable and long-term relationships with our clients. 

Flexible communication with our clients

Communication is the basis of successful cooperation. We choose various methods to communicate with our clients in a way that respect's the client's time and attention, from standard options such as mobile phones, e-mails, and faxes to more modern methods  by using our own extranet and instant messenger (Live Messenger, Skype, etc.).

Creative approach

As professional attorneys, we choose an open-minded and creative approach to solving the legal matters of our clients. We don't just wait for the submission of documents and other documentation from the client's case.

Quality of services and client awareness

Our firm commitment to providing the highest quality service is of prime importance. We understand our client's needs and tailor our work to each set of circumstances, providing a high quality and cost-effective approach.

Personal dealing

We choose to deal with our clients through personal meetings, and we always try to be flexible and available to our clients when setting up an appointment.

Professional approach

We provide our clients with a wide range of expert business and personal legal services. Our lawyers bring legal expertise and perspective with respect to the specific wishes and demands of every client. 

Quick action

If you have a legal problem and need immediate help, you can contact our law firm, and we can schedule the earliest possible appointment. We further approach every case with the aim to deliver results to our clients in a timely manner with personalized and tailor-made practical solutions. 

Strong market position

Thanks to the quality of our legal services and pricing policy, our law firm has succeeded in establishing itself among the leading Czech law firms.

Cost effective approach

We provide a wide range of professional legal services with an efficient and cost-effective approach.

Guarantee for our legal services

We provide our clients with a full guarantee for all the legal services we offer.