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Tax and financial law

Our law office provides specialized legal services in the fields of tax and financial law with a focus on representing clients before financial and customs authorities in tax proceedings and also on the representation of clients in administrative justice proceedings against an unlawful assessment of tax, inactivity of tax administrators, etc.

We provide tax advisory services in all tax areas in an effort to propose to our clients the most effective solutions to their business transactions and business plans.

The result of tax advice is the effort to ensure the greatest possible tax savings in line with strict compliance with current tax legislation.

Tax law

A tax is a payment obligation that the state imposes by law to earn revenue to meet social needs. It is a compulsory and irrecoverable payment collected by the state or other public authorities from both natural and legal persons to cover expenses related to the activities of these bodies.

Tax proceeding is a procedure conducted by the tax administrator for the purposes of tax assessment, collecting, billing, control of compliance. It is always non-public, initiated by the tax administrator on the basis of the received application. The goal is to set and collect a tax without reducing tax revenues.

The stages of tax proceedings can be divided into:

  • Initiation of proceedings
  • Collecting documents, including ensuring the course and purpose of the proceedings
  • Issuing of the decision
  • Review of the decision
  • Enforcement of the decision

Parties to the tax proceedings

  • Tax administrator
    The tax administrator is an administrative or municipal body that conducts the tax proceedings. He is required to act in accordance with laws and regulations. He/she primarily protects the interests of the state.
  • Tax subjects
    The taxing entity is a tax subject, taxpayer and legal successor of a natural or legal person.
     The tax entity is further divided into:
    • taxpayer - a person whose income, property or transactions are directly subject to tax
    • payer - carries out, under his own responsibility, a tax levied by the taxpayer or deducted from the taxpayer to the tax administrator
  • Third-person

Third parties may also enter tax proceedings. They are, for example, witnesses, persons with documents and other things needed in management, experts, auditors, interpreters, and others. We offer you representation and at all stages of tax management, tax advisory or assistance with concepts of international structures and optimization of the tax system.

Financial law

Financial law is a set of legal norms that regulate relationships arising in the process of creating, distributing and using money. These are the relationships in which the state is or is being interfered with, or which are directly or at least indirectly related to money.

The first part of the financial law deals with general knowledge; the second part deals with the regulation of public budgets, tax regulations, fees, duties, and other obligatory benefits, the legal regulation of the loan, the legal regulation of currency and money circulation, the foreign exchange economy and the financial market.

If you are interested in our legal services in the field of tax or financial law, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.