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Real estate law

Our law office provides comprehensive services and legal advice in the area of real estate. From purchase or lease agreement, dispute settlement to legal services in connection with a housing cooperative or land registry. By using our services you can be assured of receiving an individual and professional approach.

In the field of real estate law we provide our clients with the following legal services:

  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts and other documents relating to real estate
  • Representation in real estate disputes
  • Substantive rights to a third person's things

Preparation of contracts and other documents dealing with real estate

Real estate law belongs to the specialization field of our law firm so we offer our clients complete preparation, appraisal or revision of the following contracts and documents:

  • Real estate transfer contracts (purchase contract, donation agreement, pledge agreement, easement contract)
  • Rental contracts and sublease contracts (lease contracts and their termination)
  • Establishment of a housing cooperative / association of unit owners including the preparation of statutes
  • Statement of the owner of the building and its processing
  • Contracts on the transfer of the flat into the ownership of a member of the cooperative (drafting contracts and their changes)
  • Registration, entry or note to the real estate register

Property disputes

Our office represents our clients in all kinds of disputed proceedings regarding real estate. Most often we represent the tenants or landlords, buyers or sellers, etc.

In case of any dispute regarding the real estate, do not hesitate to contact us.

Substantive rights to someone else's things

Among the substantive rights to a third person's things belong:

  • Right of construction
  • Easements
  • Right of pledge and detention
  • Right of repurchase
  • Pre-purchase right etc.

We solve all the above-mentioned issues with the greatest possible emphasis on the client's interests.

We are professionals in the field of real estate law. Do not hesitate to contact our real estate lawyer at any time.

In real estate law for entrepreneurs and companies we offer especially the following legal services:

  • Legal services for the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Legal advice on development  activities - construction, redevelopment, and real estate management
  • Legal audit of real estate relationships
  • Law services in financing and real estate insurance
  • Negotiating the lease and sublease of residential and non-residential premises as well as other real estates

Legal services relating to the purchase and sale of real estate

We provide our clients with professional legal services related to the purchase or sale of their real estate, especially:

  • Legal advice, preparation of contractual documentation, revision and commenting on contracts on transfers and disposals of real estate (purchase contract, gift agreement, contract for the work, pledge agreement, etc.)
  • Complex legal representation of purchasers and real estate dealers (legal representation in negotiation with the counterparty, preparation, negotiation and commenting of reservation agreements, contracts on future contracts, purchase contracts, donation contracts etc., including preparation of a proposal for registration of changes in the real estate register)
  • Legal disputes concerning the acquisition of real estate

Law consultancy in development activities - construction, redevelopment and real estate management

We provide developers with comprehensive legal services and we mainly solve the following legal issues in the field of development:

  • Providing legal services and advice on acquisitions, "greenfield" and "brownfield" projects
  • Legal services and representation in spatial planning, land management, including legal advice on the provision of transport infrastructure, transport services and engineering networks and legal assistance in drawing up planning contracts with self-governing units and third parties
  • Legal advice on the construction of residential complexes, business and administrative centres and industrial buildings, including the design of legal relations with subcontractors, engineering, architectural and other construction professions
  • Processing the declaration of the owner of the property to define residential or non-residential units, providing the documents for the owner's declaration and for making their changes, including registration in the real estate register
  • Arranging and organizing a constituent meeting of the association of unit owners and the subsequent registration of the association of unit owners in the commercial register, including the attendance of the notary at the constituent meeting of the unit owners

Legal audit of real estate relationships

The legal audit of real estate is a comprehensive assurance of the due diligence of acquisition titles and legal relations to real estate, with a focus on designation and evaluating legal, economic and tax risks related to real estate transactions.

The aim of the legal audit of real estate is to maximize our efforts to protect the property interests of our clients.

Financing and real estate insurance

In this area, we offer legal advice including mortgage and credit operations, pledge agreements, easements and other hedging measures.

We also provide legal services in the field of insurance contracts and their fulfilment.

Hire, rent and lease of residential and non-residential premises

High-quality legal advice in this field is, in particular, the following:

  • Legal review and preparation of lease and sublease contracts
  • Preparation of contract types for large office and business centres
  • Representation of clients in relation to the relationship between the tenant and the lessor

In case you are interested in our legal services in the area of property rights for entrepreneurs, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.