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Civil Law

In the frame of civil law, we provide our clients with legal services mainly in the following legal areas:

  1. Personality protection
  2. Contract law
  3. Dispute resolution
  4. Unilateral legal acts
  5. Obligations for torts and other legal grounds
  6. Representation in civil disputes

Protection of personality

Legal services of personal protection concern the following legal areas of protection:

  • Protection of the appearance and privacy of individuals
  • Exercise and protection of the right to mental and physical integrity
  • The rights of a person taken into a medical facility
  • Dealing with parts of the human body during life and after death

Contract law

A contract is at least a bilateral legal act that establishes mutual engagement between the parties - rights and obligations. In contract law, our law firm provides complete legal services concerning the drafting, commenting and changing of the most important contractual types:

  • Purchase, exchange and gift contracts
  • Work contracts
  • Lease agreements and tenancy agreements (instead of paying with money, part of the proceeds can be paid from objects, especially relating to agricultural land or the business establishment)
  • License agreements - authorization to exercise intellectual property rights
  • Borrowing contract (non-useable object free of charge), a loan (a substitutable object for free and for a fee) and a credit (money for remuneration - interests)
  • Custody and storage contracts
  • Command, agency, commission, and forwarding contracts
  • Contracts for the transport of persons and things
  • Insurance contracts
  • Travel agreements (in tourism)

We also deal with the preparation of contracts which are not included in the above-mentioned contractual types - the so-called innominate contracts.

Unilateral legal action

Obligations arise here only from the legal action of a single person, so the conclusion of the contract is not required. Unilateral legal acts typically include:

  • Public promise (a promise of reward or price list)
  • A pledge of indemnity

Liabilities from offenses and other legal grounds

An offense is generally understood to be a violation of a treaty, law, or good morals, on the basis of which the victim suffers harm and the offender is obliged to compensate for it. We provide our clients with legal redress for the damage they caused to someone's health, property, and non-material damage.

Liabilities for other legal reasons include liabilities for unjust enrichment which we enforce for our clients, as well as for liabilities from an unmanaged negotiation and the use of other thing.

Representation in civil disputes

Our law firm represents our clients in the positions of both plaintiffs and defendants. As a solution to disputes, three ways of legal action are generally used:

  • Out-of-court negotiations with a counterparty with a view to reaching a mutually satisfactory solution and signing an agreement to settle the disputed rights and obligations
  • Judicial settlement of disputes- representatives of all courts (district, county, Supreme Court, High Court, Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Court)
  • Arbitration - where the arbitration clause on the jurisdiction of the permanent arbitral tribunal or the ad hoc decision-making body is agreed between the parties

If you are interested in our legal services in  the field of civil law, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.