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Business Law

Commercial law generally refers to a set of legal norms governing relationships between entrepreneurs.

Our law firm offers to our clients in particular the following law services in the field of commercial law:

  • Complete solution of business relations between entrepreneurs and negotiation of business contracts
  • Resolution of business disputes
  • The law of bills of exchange
  • Legal Audit - Due Diligence

Business relationships and contracts

We provide legal services and will treat business relations of our clients in accordance with their interest and legal regulations, in particular by providing and negotiating the following professional business contracts:

  • Sales contract and work contracts
  • The contract for the transfer or lease of the business organization
  • Contracts for the transfer of shares and other securities
  • Mediatory, consultancy and advisory contracts
  • Contracts relating to transport

Business disputes and their solutions

Law Office Maur Legal s.r.o. legally represents entrepreneurs in the positions of both plaintiffs and defendants. As a solution of disputes, we consider 3 ways of legal action according to the requirements and circumstances of a particular business case:

  • Out-of-court negotiations with the counterparty
  • Court settlement of disputes
  • Arbitration - where an arbitration clause is agreed between the parties

Law of bills of exchange

We prepare bills of exchange as insurers of the business-legal relationships for our clients. The advantage of bills of exchange is their easy conversion (tradability) and enforceability.

The bills are divided into:

  • Own bills of exchange
  • Foreign bills belonging to another subject

Our clients' bills are subsequently applied in court proceedings in cases of delays in fulfilling the obligations of their business partners and we are recovering their reimbursements.

Legal Audit - Due Diligence

An essential part of our law firm's activity is also a legal audit, which focuses primarily on the following activities:

  • A professional legal audit that results in a Due Diligence Legal Report evaluating all actual and potential legal risks and discrepancies of the business case
  • Detailed legal analysis of contractual documentation, corporate decision-making, internal regulations and listings in public lists and registers - typically commercial register or land registry
  • Tax, personnel and financial due diligence in cooperation with reputable accounting and auditing firms
  • We focus mainly on due diligence in mergers and acquisitions of companies of commercial companies (Ltd and joint-stock companies) and in the purchase and sale of real estate and evaluation of risks associated with defective entries in the Commercial register or Land registry

In case you are interested in our legal  services in the field of business law, do not hesitate to contact us at any  time.