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Inheritance law

Inheritance law defines the transfer of the rights and obligations of the deceased natural person to its legal successor. Legacy is acquired by the death of the testator, the legal reason for inheritance may be a treaty, a law, a will or by a combination of the three aforementioned. The heirs-at-law and the heirs of the will have the right to waive the inheritance.

Under the inheritance law, we will provide you with professional advocacy advice especially in the following legal matters:

  1. Representation of the heirs in the inheritance proceedings, both indisputable and questionable
  2. Preparation of succession agreements  and their approval by the judicial commissioner, preparation of succession treaties, wills, legacy and deeds of disinheritance
  3. Disputes over inheritance between heirs of succession treaties, heirs-at-law, and heirs of will and their solution

Representation of heirs in questionable and indisputable inheritance

Inheritance proceedings are commenced on the basis of a notification from the registry office of the death of the testator. The notary who will manage the inheritance proceedings is designated by the local court in the place of the last permanent residence of the deceased.

In the case of inheritance proceedings, the notary, as a court commissioner, first looks into the central record of the wills and inheritance agreements and ascertains whether the testament or will of the deceased is recorded. Thereafter, the person who made the funeral is summoned and a preliminary investigation, which identifies the circle of heirs and the state of the assets and liabilities, begins. The heirs usually decide on the division of the property themselves, but if they do not agree, the acquisition of the inheritance by the inheritance shares is confirmed.

Preparation of inheritance agreements, wills, inheritances, legacy, and deeds of disinheritance

An inheritance agreement is an agreement on the settlement of an inheritance by which the heirs determine which of them will acquire the individual rights and possible liabilities. The agreement is concluded with a notary and is subject to his approval.

The inheritance agreement must include and exactly determine all the property values that each heir acquires.

Additionally, our law firm will professionally tailor the wording of inheritance treaties, wills, legacy, or deeds of disinheritance.

Inheritance disputes and their solutions

The inheritance is either from the inheritance agreement, by law, by will, or by all three of these reasons in combination. We resolve disputes arising from inheritance proceedings among the heirs quickly, professionally and effectively.

In case of any queries or inheritance disputes, do not hesitate to contact us and order a non-binding consultation with our lawyer to help you solve them.