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  • Prohibition of competition

Prohibition of competition

If the company decides to apply sanctions can choose between a requirement that the violator gave the benefit of the trade in question, or transfer rights to the company - in the first case, the trade will be executed according to the result of the infringement (breach of contract with the non-competition) and only yield will be handed over to the Company, in the latter case, the violator shall transfer the rights arising from the resulting relationship to society - only in the second case, a change resulting from the contractual relationship will be, in either case, the result of violation of non-competition shall not be invalidity of legal actions - Company therefore cannot invoke nor relative invalidity of such an act, because the law in this case provides for a specific penalty = deviation from § 39 of the Civil Code - although it is a legal act made in violation of the law, the result in this case is not nullity.

If the company suffered damage by the violation of prohibition of competition is entitled to seek compensation under the conditions of § 373 et seq. Commercial Code without regard to the aforementioned special penalty, the right to compensation may not be applied - in this sense it is a free decision, if they reach their claim, but in terms of members of the governing bodies must realize that if of its own accord law does not apply, it may cause damage to the Company, for which bear legal responsibility, it could also be the fulfilment of the crime of violation of the duty to administer foreign assets pursuant to § 255 of the Penal Code.