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According to the Business Corporations Act (in other words "ZOK"), the cooperative is a legal entity with an unclosed number of members. In the event of an increase in their number, there is no need to amend the statutes, as is the case with companies. The ZOK   regulates the minimum number of founding persons by setting it to 3 regardless of whether they are natural or legal persons.

Those interested in establishing a cooperative shall authorize the convener in writing (which may be only a natural person) to draw up the statute of the cooperative. The statute must be in the form of an authentic instrument (notarial deed) and must contain at least the obligatory particulars (company name, registered office, subject of business or activity, amount of the membership fee, method and term of its payment. Otherwise, the court will find it void on its own motion. The adoption of the statute and its amendment is decided by the member (or constitutive) meeting, which is always public.