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  • Establishment of Limited Liability Company (Founding s.r.o.)

Establishment of Limited Liability Company (Founding s.r.o.)


  • Firm (with mandatory addendum) and registered office of the s.r.o.
  • Partners - firm or name and registered office of the legal person (including ID and place of business) or name and domicile of natural person (incl. personal ID)
  • The scope of business or activity (s.r.o. can be set up for non-business purposes - fictive or formal PL) - scope of business can also be activities which can be performed only through persons with special justification (§56 / 3; however, the performance of these activities in the form of s.r.o. does not deprive these persons of personal and unlimited liability for the proper performance of professional activity based on special regulations - it is then a joint liability of the s.r.o. and above mentioned persons)
  • Amount of share capital and the amount of the contribution of each partner (including the manner and time of repayment of the deposit, in the case of non-monetary deposits, their subject and the amount to be credited to the shareholder's contribution, and the price according to expert's opinion)
  • Names and residence of the first directors of s.r.o. and the way they act by s.r.o. (in the case of other executives, how many will be and the manner of negotiations on behalf of s.r.o.)
  • Names and domicile of members of the first supervisory board (if established)
  • Determination of the deposit manager
  • According to the practice and the arrangement on the reserve fund (see §124 / 1)
  • Other data according to the Commercial Code
  • Officially verified signatures of all founders